Own theme, downloads available

Rubrika: PostNuke

Long time since I added some news, but this time it is a lot of news. My own theme (simple but mine), my PostNuke modifications available in Download section, it seems the wheels are moving.
Today I spent our whole „state holiday“ (our country was freed from Austrian monarchy on 28th October) with my computer and I worked on the theme for my site. I know it is simple, but I will definitely work on it in the future and I want to bring more themes in the future as well. Anyway, this team should be a simple but decent visual presentation of my site and I hope it is so.

With some last minor modifications I also release my first PostNuke modifications along with RESL script in the Downloads area.

RSSi blocks adds images to items and options for display when no news were fetched.

pnUserRegOptions allows admin to block free registration of new users to the site.

RESL is generic PHP script (ie. not PostNuke specific) that is able to fetch auctions from eBay, format them into RSS format and return them – and there are many parsers of RSS format, including RSSi mentioned above.

  RESL (8,6 KiB, 284 stažení)

  RSSi (10,6 KiB, 332 stažení)

  pnUserRegOptions (25,5 KiB, 401 stažení)