pn RSSi block and RESL 0.2

Rubrika: PostNuke

I made first enhancements to RESL php script and by modifing PostNuke RSS block I made an advanced RSSi block.

RESL came to testing version of 0.2, with these changes:

  • RESL accepts new argument iw (for ignore words), which is a list of words (in format word1:word2:…) that it will remove from auction topic to make the heading shorter.
  • I made some slight output changes (handling of \n char) so the parser in RSS block parses RESL output perfect and displays description etc.
  • some other minor cleaning of code.
  • As I wanted some more functionality for my auctions list, that original RSS block doesn’t handle, I decided to adopt it and RSSi block (my first PostNuke block) was created. Here is the new functionality, differing from original RSS block:

  • Every headline can have an image to be displayed. I use it for „gallery“ images of auctions. It is able to specify position of image (left, right or no-image) and size of image.
  • It is able to specify a kind of default text, that shows when there are no headlines fetched (ie. for my usage when I have no auctions on eBay).
  • All right, that’s all for now, next step will be the Czech language.